Where achdus and middos are at the forefront of a great time!

It's fun to be Camp Yachad KID!

Under shaded canopies, davening and learning can be heard throughout the camp grounds, inspiring all passersby to recall the words "Ma tovu ohalecha Yaakov". Our experienced and caring Rabbeim use the unique atmosphere of camp to imbue in every child a love of Torah and Yiras Shamayim .Our counselors are guided throughout the summer to instill proper sportsmanship and confidence in their campers.

Campers return home every day full of excitement from the days' events and in anticipation of the next Yachad day. Skits, sports, organized leagues, arts'n crafts, trips, and daily specialties keep our boys happily busy, always asking for more. The Camp Yachad experience is awesome!

PUBLIC NOTICE: Camp Yachad has been granted permission to operate by the New York State Department of Health. We are required to be inspected twice a year. The inspection reports can be found at the Rockland County Department of Health.

Did You know?

Camp Yachad has a self imposed comfort and safety limit when going on trips. If the trip exceeds an hour, we will only use
air-conditioned coach-buses with a lavatory...

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View snap shots that capture the thrill and excitement of a Camp Yachad experience! Action-packed, fun and creative activities are a camper's expectation- We make it a reality!