M'Yuchad Senior II: Entering 9th

Niagara FallsSenior II:

Senior II was created specifically for the graduating 8th grade bachur. Becoming an adult is an exciting and serious time simultaneously. The privileges of an adult enjoyed by the mesivta bachur comes along with more responsibility for himself. Many pre-mesivta bachurim feel the need to officially leave the world of a child and request to become part of the camp staff. They are ready to prove to themselves and the world that "I am ready to be in a responsible position." While in many cases the boys are truly capable and would make great staff members, the majority though underestimate how much they'll miss playing a real game with boys their age.

After much deliberation, we've decided to launch our SENIOR II program specifically for this age. Last year was our inaugural summer for SENIOR II; And what a summer it was! While their base was the traditional Camp Yachad site, their days were nothing close to traditional. The advertised places were great, but there is so much more to it. This chevra was constantly on the move. Even the days that SENIOR II remain on camp grounds, are days fondly remembered. Sometimes, just having a good day of sports and comradity is a welcome pass-time. The sportsmanship that comes with a good game - Yachad Style - brings out the best in every participant of SENIOR II.

The day starts off with learning with Rabbi Reidel followed by the activity or trip pre-arranged. Your day ends at 4:30, exhausted, but feeling great (unless you join our night activity program - which extends the day until 7:00).

Thinking of Sleep-away? Stop thinking. Join us right here at SENIOR II.