JR. Counselor (JC) 15 & 16 years old

applyonline2.pngJR.jpgA JC must be at least 15 years old. To apply for JC, please fill out a staff application by clicking here. After sending in you application, wait for a phone call from Rabbi E or Eli Gonter. who will set up an interview with you. It is important that you show some "personality" to make yourself a desirable candidate. We have daily workshops - which must be attended to - where we teach and ingrain into your heart how to properly act to children and adults.

Due to the expensive nature of the Coolam program, JC applicants to CoolAm should take note that there is a $500 per month fee for CoolAm JCs. This does not apply to JCs of bunks going into 5th grade or younger. Besides the benefits of being part of a group of super talanted staff, late activities, live shows & entertainment and night trips, they will also be part of the exceptional league options available to CoolAm-ers only. This of course, comes along with some fringe benefits of special apparel allocated exclusively for the older part of camp.