Yachad: entering 1 - 6


By now you've read a little about us. In this column, we will focus on safety and security. While recommended camper/ counselor ratio is 1:12, at camp yachad, we average 1:7. For boys entering 1st our commitment is 1:5 but most years we were 1:4.

Our youngest group, those entering 1st grade, have a trailer/bunk house exclusively for them. They feel a sense of security that they have "a place" of their own.

No-one else in camp is allowed in. Their bunk house is near the dining room and bathrooms. The front of the bunk house is their play area. It is a very large grassy space. It is beautiful, safe and convenient. Because they have all they need in one area, the risk of anyone wandering off is almost completely diminished. Boys entering 2nd grade also have a designated spot. It a beautiful shady place in the gazebo that the town built a few years ago. It is there that they meet Rabbi Shaya Erps EMT who will stay with them for the first two hours of camp. He will teach them the 39 Av melachos, pirush hamilos of Krias Shema, lessons from the parsha, shabbos zemiros and more. When you come to the best camp in Monsey, you get the best rebbeim too. The first graders meet their rebbeim in the main tent or in the trailer. They review the kriah that they worked so hard on during the year, learn about the parsha, hear stories of tazidikim and sometimes go on a hike with their rebbi. There is a recess break in the middle. 3rd grade and up will learn chumsh / mishnayos / gemorra, each on their own level. The rebbeim give out tickets, nosh and prizes, and what ever else it takes to excite boys. What more can you ask?

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